Margaret Akosua Serwah Bonsu Obeng Sefah is a Ghanaian who immigrated to the United States in 2005. She has lived in the USA for 19 years with her husband and 4 children.

Friends and family describe Margaret as hard-working, kind, intelligent, wise, loyal, determined, industrious, observant and a very fun-loving person. She is everyone’s go-to person and she truly enjoys being able to help anyone in need. When asked to describe herself, Margaret will describe herself as a loving and supportive wife, mother, sister and friend and definitely, a goal-getter. Margaret dreams big and does not hesitate to go after her dreams. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, travelling and engaging in church activities.

Mrs. Margaret Akosua Serwah Bonsu Obeng Sefah was born on January 20, 1974 at Princess Marie Louise Children’s Hospital, Derby Ave, in a neighborhood called Kolorko in Accra, Ghana.

Margaret (affectionately called Maggie) was given multiple names at birth, which is a common practice in Ghanaian culture. Her first name Margaret is of (English) origin (meaning pearl) and Akosua is the traditional Ghanaian name given to a female child born on a Sunday. Serwah Bonsu was given to her by her father who named her after his good friend. Obeng is her maiden last name and Sefah is her husband’s last name that she took on after they got married. She has 4 siblings and a very large extended family. Her parents of blessed memory, hailed from Obo-Kwahu and Maggie is a proud Kwahu native even though she grew up in Accra and speaks Ga fluently.


Maggie attended Benkum Secondary School (High School) at Larteh – Akuapem in the Eastern Region where she earned her GCE O’ Level certificate in 1993. She continued on to pursue her A’ level at Presbyterian Secondary School, Legon in the Greater Accra Region from 1993 to 1995. After which she completed her National Service at the Ejisu-Juabeng district Assembly in the Ashanti Region. Then, she attended the Graduate School of Management in Accra where she studied Computer Science and she became very knowledgeable in computers/technology as early as 1997, when the subject matter was still quite foreign to the general populace. Aside from her excellence in academics, Margaret also actively participated in sports at the High School Level. She played volleyball and was on the Track and Field team.

After moving to the United States, Maggie continued her education at Harry S. Truman College and graduated with an Associate of Science in Nursing degree in 2012. She continued her education and earned a Bachelor of Health Informatics degree from the University of Chicago in 2015. In 2018, Maggie went back to school to pursue a Direct Entry Master of Science in Nursing degree at the Milwaukee School of Engineering-Averno College where she graduated in 2022.

While pursuing the Nursing degree, Margaret decided to increase her knowledge in Public Health, she enrolled concurrently in a Master of Science in Public Health degree from Grand Canyon University. She graduated in 2023.

While pursuing all these degrees, Maggie maintained a job as a Newborn Care Specialist and she loved her job so much that she also attended Erikson Institute in Chicago to study Early Childhood Education for a year.


Margaret was baptized as an infant at the Adabraka Official Town Presbyterian Church and she fellowshipped at Kaneshie Presbyterian Church. (Fun fact: Maggie met Shirley Mensah at this church many years ago in the late 80’s). Prior to attending Kaneshie Presby, she attended Sunday school for a few years at Open Bible Church in her early years.  In high school, one of her friends, Mary Papafio Okang invited her to Word of Life Christian Center (WLCC) in the early 90s’ and Maggie became a member of the church until she relocated to the United States in 2005. (Fun fact: Maggie met her husband Mike at this church). Maggie enjoyed serving God and serving in the church, under the leadership of Senior Pastor, Bishop Isaac Quaye. Pastor Ebenezer Opare and Pastor Paul Narh Ajirackor were the youth Pastors that Margaret served under as one of the youth leaders. Whiles in WLCC, she also prayed consistently on Mondays and Fridays (all-night services) at Watered Garden Ministry led by Prophet Manasseh Atsu. (Fun fact: Prophet Manasseh Atsu is the Godfather to her 2nd son Manasseh Sefah).

In WLCC Maggie served as a youth leader for the “Dynamic Youth” for 10 years. She was very active and influential and would organize Dynamic Youth Camps with other churches in Accra. She was also a member of the Youth Choir, Church Choir, Cleaning Team, Church Announcement Team and a member of the “Daughters of Righteousness”. The Daughters of Righteousness were known to have the anointing for making noise. They were exuberant and would make enough noise during prayer, praises and worship and all church activities to bring down any ‘walls of Jericho’. This group of women were a great team of friends who knew and loved God and Maggie thoroughly enjoyed worshiping with them. The membership of the Daughters of Righteousness was made up of;

  • Margaret Sefah (USA)
  • Bernice Acheampong (Bernice of Jane & Bernice Fame, USA)
  • Grace Agyemang (USA)
  • Vicentia Nettey (Canada)
  • Beatrice Sackey (Ghana)
  • Mary Papafio Okang (Ghana)
  • Jemimah Armah (Ghana)
  • Pastor Poshia Sarpong Darkwa (Ghana)
  • Pearl Borquaye  (Ghana)
  • Janet Sampana (Blessed Memory)
  • Variela Sarpong Fordwour (Blessed Memory)
  • Mary Sackey (Blessed Memory)

Mike (her husband) on the other hand, found a new church to fellowship in Chicago. One day, while Maggie was preparing to join him in the USA, Mike told her about a church called Christ’s Oasis Ministries.  Maggie immediately told him she would like to attend that church when she came to the USA. However, when she arrived, they attended Mike’s church and Maggie joined the Praise and Worship team. Maggie kept insisting to attend Christ’s Oasis Ministries till a year later, a childhood friend (Josephine Aggrey) invited her to the church’s’ “Shekinah” Sunday evening service. Right after that, Maggie became a regular attendee to the evening service and eventually became a member of Christ’s Oasis Chicago Campus in August 2006. In 2017 when she relocated to the Northern Suburbs, she joined Christ’s Oasis North Campus (Yeah! North Campus, Zion Oooooooh Zion!!). From 2006 till now, Maggie has formed many friendships in Christ’s Oasis Ministries and she has also developed relationships with numerous people in Chicagoland and beyond. Just like with the “Daughters of Righteousness” Maggie also has a core group of women that she “makes noise” with. They call themselves the TBS (figure the acronym out for yourself). These ladies include;

  •  Abigail Nortey
  • Cynthia Brechum Atsu
  • Leticia Amoah
  • Priscilla Awuku Kwatie
  • Margaret Adu Kwakye
  • Margaret Obeng Sefah

Maggie loves her friends and knows how to maintain friendships. Her longest friendship is with her childhood friend Sarah Amissah who is in Ghana; they have been friends for 45 years!

“One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother” (Proverbs 18:24)


Margaret comes from Obo-Kwahu, a place where the people are born with an innate desire to start and own businesses no matter the level of education. Atypical, Margaret started her first business “Lantech Business Solutions” with a friend in the early 2000 in Abossey Okai, Accra Ghana.

The business provided Computers and Internet Services, Printing and Graphic Design services. The business was very successful but later got dissolved after they both relocated abroad to join their respective husbands. In Chicago, Maggie stated designing invitation cards and flyers for events in her community. She then started working as an infant night nurse where she found her calling to established a company called “Our Joy Infant Care” (Our Joy) in 2009. 

Maggie has successfully run this business since then and has garnered immeasurable respect in and around Chicagoland for her expertise in this field. ‘Our Joy’ has been a huge blessing to many families as Maggie has been able to provide infant care services and employment for numerous families in the community. Truly, Our Joy infant Care is a testament of how God can work through us when we obey and yield to his direction!

In true “Kwahu” fashion, Maggie has now embarked on other endeavors. She currently launched a clothing fashion line “Bless Bee Signature” which caters to newborns, toddlers, teens and adults. She is currently working on opening other businesses, including a Day Care Center.  Stay tuned!

If you are wondering where she gets the strength from to run all her businesses, she will tell you “The Joy of the Lord is my strength” (Nehemiah 8:10)

Margaret Obeng Sefah family

An integral part of Margaret’s life and success story to date, has been her marriage to Michael K. Frimpong Sefah.  Michael and Margaret, both born and raised in Accra, crossed paths in the most sacred of places – their local church. The two met in 1999 at WLCC Church. Michael was an usher in the church and recalls how he noticed beautiful Margaret as she was singing in the choir. After service one Sunday, Michael gathered the courage to introduce himself and he soon realized that they shared a deep love for people and a strong faith in God. A friendship ensued and their conversations were filled with laughter, shared dreams, and an undeniable connection that grew stronger with each passing Sunday. Michael knew she was special and he had found his future wife. They began dating and got married 3 years later. Their traditional marriage ceremony was in December 1999 and the wedding was held a few months later in March 2000 at WLCC, in the presence of a multitude of family and friends. As months turned into years, their love blossomed despite the fact that they were living in different countries after the wedding. When Margaret eventually joined Michael in the United States, their love story even flourished some more. They faced life’s challenges together, leaning on their faith and each other for support and their love was a beacon of hope for families and friends around them. Over the years, the couple welcomed four beautiful children into their lives-Margaret Diana, Michael, Manasseh and Mattaniah, each one bringing a unique personality that filled their home with love and warmth. Through the ups and downs of life, Michael and Margaret have remained steadfast in love and faith. The couple who met at church, continue to live out their love story and as they celebrate 25 years of marriage, their hearts are still as intertwined as when they first started dating and they look forward to spending many more years together. Theirs is truly a never-ending love story.


Apart from business and education, Margaret is a loving wife. The name of Margaret husband is Michael K, Sefah, they had their traditional marriage in December 1999 and wedding in March 2000, they have been married for 25 years now and have known each other for 28 years. They met during

Margaret Obeng Sefah’s Parents

Margaret was born to the late Mr. Lawrence Kwaku Obeng and the late Obaapayin Beatrice Akua Adoma. Her father was a teacher who later became an entrepreneur and her mother was a seamstress by trade. She was the 3rd child and only girl, out of the four children born to her mother and father. She also had 3 half-sisters from her parents’ previous marriages. Unfortunately, Margaret has lost 2 of her sisters (Afua Obenewah Obeng, Patricia Akua Koreawah Obeng) and a brother (Paul Kwame Owusu), but the family remains strong and connected.

Margaret comes from a Royal family in the Obo-Kwahu township in Ghana. Her father was the head of the Aduana Royal family and her mother was born into the Asene Royal family. Her mother later became a traditional queen-mother before her passing and her brother is currently the paramount Chief of one of the Kwahu towns. Margaret’s father’s family originally migrated from a town called Akwamufie in the Akosombo area and settled at Obomeng in the Kwahu area before moving to the next town called Obo. Her mother’s family also originally migrated from Amokom in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region and settled at Obo Kwahu in the Eastern Region.


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